Injection Molding Overview

Mold Craft specializes in mold projects requiring added value with extreme attention to detail from the design phase through mold building, quality and shipping. This attention to detail enables us to be successful not only in the high-cavitation, multi-mold programs with complete interchangeability but also very complex single and two cavity molds requiring precision, accuracy and innovation with tolerances down to .0001”.

Our design for manufacturing processes reduce the long-term cost of ownership due to our ability to reproduce spare components without pulling the mold out of production and increase the molded part Cpk resulting in larger process window and less scrap.

Minneapolis, MN Custom Plastic Injection Mold Maker

Plastic Injection Molds

- High Production, Fully Hardened Class 101
- Parts Fit in the Palm of your Hand
- Interchangeable Cavities
- 1 to 128 Cavity Molds
- Up to 500 Ton Press

Micro Injection Molds

Our micro injection molds can fit in the palm of your hand and produce parts smaller than the tip of a pen. We have the capabilities to produce parts as small as .020″ x .100″, with micro detail features under 0.010. We have the skills neccessary to hold molded part tolerances to ±.001″. We have produced micro injection molds for clients in industries varying from medical device innovation to microelectronics.

- Micro Detail Features Under .010"

Minneapolis, MN Custom Metal & Ceramic Injection Mold Making

Metal & Ceramic Injection Molds

- High Production, Fully Hardened Class 101
- Custom Design Standards to Eliminate Flash
- Wear Resistant Tool Steel
- Hold Critical Part Tolerances to ±10%

Minneapolis MN Overmolds and Custom Mold Design Services

Other Experience

- Stack Molds
- Overmolds
- Insert Molds
- LSR Molds
- Unscrewing Molds
- Fixtures

Mold Craft Precision Machining and EDM

Precision Machining

Mold Craft employs CNC, Wire EDM, and Sinker EDM with robotics to produce many like parts for customer specific applications. Please let us know if you have such an application that we could assist you with.